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Whether it is promoting office hygiene and well-being; the elimination of dust mites, and hindering their re-infestation: or the removal of unsightly stains and odours from your carpets. Our Steam Cleaning services are the most popular customer choice and it’s recognized as a must for any carpet cleaning maintenance program. We deliver this service at any time and on any day of the week.

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You don't just want clean carpets. You want them restored to as pristine as they were the day you moved in. That's why you should count on Completely Clean commercial and move out carpet cleaning services. Not only will your carpets end up looking clean and fresh, additionally stains can be removed and repairs completed at the same servicing. Let us put the finishing touch on your new apartment or home with a move-in carpet steam cleaning, or tidy up the place by giving your property a quality move-out carpet steam cleaning that future tenants will approve of.

In addition to residential move-in and move-out cleaning, at Completely Clean we specialise in commercial carpet cleaning and large industrial carpet cleaning. Completely Clean has been be providing this expertise for years and we stand by our prices, our experienced and professional staff and their commitment to excellence. It's an attention to detail your employees, and more importantly your customers, will appreciate.

By choosing Melbourne's Completely Clean you can count on these benefits and more:

  • Trained and certified cleaning specialists.
  • Unique quality reporting system.
  • State-of-the-art, environmentally safe cleaning solutions.
  • Reminder call, text or e-mail the day of your cleaning.
  • Post cleaning inspection by a Completely Clean Carpet Cleaning Specialist.

Whether you have a large multi-building facility or a small business, you can count on the Completely Clean Melbourne to restore your carpets in professional manner. Your client's, staff and guest will notice the difference.

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We also specialise in vacate/moving out carpet cleaning.